The Wickermoss Strikes Again!

7:01 PM

My fairy godmother surprised me again! I have mentioned about her in this blogpost but for any of you who’d like to know her better, just visit the wickermoss site and you’ll not only learn more about her, you’ll also fall in love with her personality and wit!

It was one Wednesday afternoon when I heard three loud knocks on the door. When I checked who it was, an auntie with a package stunned me. There’s no mistaking that the package was for me because a beautifully hand-written “ms. becca” together with my complete address was on it. I immediately signed the form as the auntie was also in a hurry and happily took the package from her. I knew right away that it’s from my fairy godmother, even if there’s no return address on it, as she’s the only one I can think of who, out of the blue, will send me something simply because she's sweet and generous. Nevertheless, I still sent her an SMS just to be sure if my guess was correct. And I was right!

I excitedly tore open the package and the first thing I saw was this cute envelope with a little letter for me and a sample of Kiehl’s moisturizer, hahaha. She really knows me. I almost teared up out of happiness when I read her letter. It’s been a while since I got a letter from a friend. I have a bestfriend in the Philippines, her name is Sky. When we’re younger (college days) we used to write each other every week and exchange letters every Sunday at the church. I miss that. I miss her…

I smell a new review coming up... 
Going back to the package: she got me this sexy top and I was really giggling while closely examining it. She really has good taste and knows how to make me laugh. 

Sexy and Flirty - RAWR!
It’s like she’s known me for years. She’s unbelievable! But the best thing about this package is this:

Isn't this the loveliest little thing? 
I love angels! I used to collect small angel figurines when I was younger, and now that I thought about it, where did that collection go? Huh! I totally have no idea.

I am very thankful that I get to meet and know a person like her. She’s incredible. I admire her personality, her talent and her beauty. I don’t get the chance of meeting a lot of people every day and I just feel so blessed to have been given this privilege to not only know about her existence but also to have her as my dear friend. So, to my fairy godmother, THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU. J

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