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They say you've never really been to Singapore if you haven't visited the infamous symbol of the country, The Merlion. But not only is it symbolic, it is also very precious to our family. It will forever strike a chord in us because of our dear kuya (my eldest brother) who is surely very happy with the Lord in heaven right this very moment.

More than a decade ago, kuya worked here in Singapore as a pianist in one of the Mandarin hotels and back then, Internet and smart phones weren't that big of a thing yet. In order to send us updates about his life here, he would make long distance calls to us once in a while and would even send us postcards occasionally. One of the postcards he sent us was of course a photo of the beautiful Merlion with a mark pointing to a little object at its foot saying, "that's me!" We all laughed the first time we saw it and we still smile whenever we remember it. It’s really funny and cute at the same time, if I could only show it to you. I wonder where that postcard is now?

Anyway, since this is the first time my parents set foot here in Singapore, the country my brother, my sister and I hold so dearly in our hearts, it's just about right that we show them the stunning Merlion on their very first day here. 

P.S. All photos were shot by my brother-in-law using my oldy but trusty rebel t3i. ^_^

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