What Does Shopping at SEPHORA.PH Feel Like?

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Whenever I see “kikay” girls who are 10 years younger than me, I sometimes think, “Why am I a late bloomer?” I probably could have already tried so many makeup products from so many different brands if I only learned about beauty-related stuff at a younger age. But that would also mean lots of hits and misses. Good thing I found a beauty community online. It was back in 2010 when I first knew about the beauty gurus on YouTube and it’s because of them that I didn’t have to try too hard to know where to find beauty stuff because everyone I was watching on YouTube was mentioning SEPHORA. And so it dawned on me that Sephora is a magical place where all beauty-related dreams and fantasies come to life!

SEPHORA is like the Wonderland for Alice, the Candy House for Hanzel & Gretel or simply put, the Diagon Alley for Harry Potter. Yes, that’s how I see Sephora. It’s a one-stop shop for all my high-end makeup and skincare cravings. With Sephora, I don’t need to go to different stalls in a mall to check on different brands because she has it all! If there’s a high-end makeup cosmetics brand that I’d like to check, the only route I need to take is the way to Sephora.

Take Too Faced for example. I fell in love with this amazing, cruelty-free makeup brand when I bought my very first Too Faced makeup products from Sephora in 2013, and at first glance at their different fun and attractive packaging, I was smitten! But to be brutally honest here, I don’t think I would have really gone to an actual Too Faced store or any other brand-exclusive shops for that matter, because then it would be too difficult for me to know if there’s truly anything I’d like to literally take from their line if I wouldn’t be able to compare them first with other brands real-time. Ya know what I mean? Or probably you don’t. You see, if I’m strolling inside Sephora and I happen to pass by a Too Faced  aisle, I’m 101% sure I’d stop to check the makeup items on display because just the presentation itself of each product is just beyond-words-captivating. Too Faced makeup products all look very yummy! LITERALLY. I’d even linger longer than expected because I know that if I need to do a quick comparison, I can easily take a peek at the aisle next to it. Do you get me now?  

And hello?! Who wouldn’t want take a second look at Too Faced Cocoa Contour Kit? Be serious, okay? I don’t know about you but my face needs some serious contouring and I’m always looking for matte contouring powder because I’m not a fan of those shimmer-shimmer powder unless it’s really meant to be a highlighter. One glance at its packaging (just the packaging – no swatches involved yet) and you’d instantly know it’s meant to be in your basket. That’s how you know you’ve been charmed!

Now if you’ve been following my journey for a little while now, you’d know that I’m an introvert and a home-buddy. Yes, it’s an “and” because there are lots of introverts that are outgoing. I, on the other hand, am the worse type. Believe it or not, though, I love shopping. I really do! I mean, c'mon! Who doesn't want to look at those eye-catching dresses on the mannequins or the latest makeup palettes on display? Who doesn't want to get those things you want from a store, put them in your basket and pay for 'em like you're the richest person on earth? I really do love shopping BUT I hate going out of the house. You read that right. I love to shop but I don't want to leave the house. It's not laziness, okay? Laziness is when you don't even want to get out of the bed and you’ve got loads of things to do (which is also ME sometimes –errrr –).

Let’s just say that going out is just too energy-consuming for me. And when I was in the Philippines, commuting is not exactly my cup of tea especially when traffic is very happily lurking around the corner and when you’re like me: very poor with directions. Bring me inside a new mall and I certainly wouldn't know how to find the exit especially if you'd bring me to the innermost part of the building that would require a few right and left turns. Hah! Expect to have a person in the lost & found section in no time!

That is why I can’t thank the power of the Internet enough for giving birth to online shopping. Speaking of, I just want to mention that I, too, was also very hesitant at first to try to purchase anything from the Internet, but it's like a chain reaction. Once you successfully made your first online purchase, there will be a second one, a third, a fourth until you find it sooo easy; it’ll be as normal as breathing. 

This brings me now to the very thing I really want to talk to you about today. Hey! Don’t roll your eyes on me like that. We’re friends, right? I got the writing part while you got the reading task covered, ayt? Ayt! So as I was saying, I wanted to talk to you about the convenience of shopping for beauty items online. Now that you already know where beauty beats, what do you think shopping at SEPHORA.PH feel like? The answer is simple. It is abso-freaking-lutely AWESOME! (read it with a resounding operatic singing voice)

Why? Well, thank you for asking. Here's why:

1.   The layout of the website is very neat, straightforward and easy to navigate. EASY TO NAVIGATE.
2.    They offer 5 payment options and this, for me, is very important especially if this is my first time to shop online and I don’t feel comfortable yet to key in my credit card number.
3.     Their FAQ page is very comprehensive. It’s like they’ve assumed all possible questions I may have.
4.    What I love the most is the fact that shipping fee is almost always free! How come? Well, the shipping fee only applies to orders below PHP 1300 and it so happened that almost every item I like from Sephora costs PHP 1300 and above, so that’s free shipping for me!!!

Now that we have established why it’s awesome to shop at sephora.ph, what would you purchase if you have PHP 5000 to spend? Hmmmm… This is tricky. There are tons, literally tons of amazing high-quality beauty products to choose from at sephora.ph and to narrow it down to what would fit this budget is really a daunting task, but challenge accepted!

Despite having so many makeup brands running on my mind when you mention the word SEPHORA, I actually have been eyeing two heavy-duty products from Too Faced and this challenge is quite opportune I must say! So allow me to share with you my shopping experience!

Let’s start with this foundation that I’ve been dying to try for ages especially when I saw on YouTube how it can turn your skin into diamonds. Really?!!! Nah. I’m just checking if you’re still reading.

TOO FACED Born This Way Foundation
PHP 2,351.00

Remember what I told you about free shipping? (I’m nodding and grinning like a winner right now, hehe). Anyway, it says on Sephora's description of this product that this oil-free foundation masterfully diffuses the line between makeup and skin. DIFFUSES THE LINE. I can’t wait to try this now because I’m pretty sure I will have a great-looking skin without even looking like I have makeup on. Oh gosh! You have no idea how I excited I am to start slathering this bad boy on mah faceee!

And here’s one of the best things I like about SEPHORA website, the FIND YOUR SHADE button. Imagine me exaggeratedly batting my eyelashes at you right now. You see, one of the most annoying things about buying foundation is finding the right shade. When you’re at the physical store, the lighting there can sometimes mislead you to think that you have a lighter or darker shade. If you don’t know what shade you should get for your Born This Way foundation but you want to purchase it online, you can simply click on the FIND YOUR SHADE button and what it’ll do is show you your past. 

Just kidding. It’ll show you a drop down box for BRAND, PRODUCT and SHADE. Basically, it’ll ask you what your shade is of what product with another brand and it will help you get a shade that will match Born This Way Foundation’s shade collection. Tell me that’s not amazing and I'll tell you, our friendship is over. Kidding aside,  that is magic right there if you’d ask me. M-A-G-I-C!!!

Didn’t I say I was eyeing two products from Too Faced? Well here’s my second one, which shouldn’t be a surprise anymore because I already gave it away at the start of this long post. It’s the magical contour palette!

TOO FACED Cocoa Contour Kit
PHP 2,389.00

Cocoa Contour gives you the power to enhance your most beautiful features and minimize the ones you want to hide in a few simple steps. Oh I wanna hide my fats! Can I use this all over my body, please?

Not only did it come with two essential sculpting shades, the perfect matte highlighter, and a luminous Cocoa Glow for a contoured look that never looks flat, it also came prepared for battle by bringing in the Contour Buki Brush which is just both highly functional and super travel-friendly, omigosh! It has a good-sized mirror and they included their signature Glamour Guide with three contour looks to help girls like me who badly needs help in that department. What I really can’t get over with is how beautiful its packaging is. It’s one of those makeup palettes you surely won’t throw away even after hitting pan because it’s too pretty to be banished from your collection. It truly is for keeps! 

And there you have it! Those are the two products I recently got from sephora.ph. Not only am I very happy with my purchases, I am also amazed at how fast I got them. It’s true what they say on their FAQ page about their delivery information. Your order will indeed be delivered in 5-10 business days. So, if you want to try anything from Too Faced or any other brands, don’t look anywhere else, okay? Take the easier route. Visit SEPHORA.PH and I’m sure you’ll enjoy a hassle-free shopping from the comfort of your home!

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