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They say the best thing we can give the person we love is our “time”. I hear a lot of people saying they love God. I say that, too, quite often in fact. Then I realize something. In my long years of existence here on earth, how much time have I given to God? I have 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week. How much of it have I allotted to God? Hmmm… Gotta be honest here, certainly not enough.

Wait! Don’t I pray everyday? Well, I do! In fact I always talk to Him in my mind and in my heart. Then, shouldn’t that be enough?

Hmmm… you know what? I love my husband so much and up to this day I’m still in love with him. I can say we enjoy each other’s company very much. We talk everyday, in person and thru text messages and phone calls. We just can’t seem to get enough of each other despite seeing each other and being together everyday. Despite this constant communication that we have, we still go out on dates. It seems there’s just no end to how much we express our love for each other. Now, shouldn’t we be like this to God, too? If we say we love Him, shouldn’t we express how much we love Him every time and way we can? He, after all, is the author of our lives. He is the reason we breathe. Setting a time exclusively for God shouldn’t be hard. It shouldn’t feel like a task. It should be something that we deeply desire. You know what’s amazing? Whenever we set a time for God, we actually also set a time for our soul and spirit. Allotting an exclusive time for Jesus also means giving our soul and spirit its much-needed R&R. Because there’s no greater joy than to be in God’s presence because in His presence there’s love, joy and serenity.

I wish you all a blessed Sunday and may we all have a wonderful time with our Lord Jesus Christ today. 

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