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I don't know how I remember this but when I was a kid, about 3-4 yrs old, Tatay (my dad) would carry me lullaby-style whenever I was starting to get sleepy. He'd do this even when we had visitors and I really don't know how I can recall this but I even remember pretending to be sleepy just so Tatay would carry me that way and keep me in his arms because I knew the moment I opened my eyes, he would know I was far from being sleepy and would put me down so I could just play and eventually get really sleepy. That's how I used to buy more time to spend with Tatay. 

My dad is not the expressive type of man but in his own little and unique ways, he always makes sure that we, his kids are in a good place.

When I was in college, I remember how he made sure to always fetch me whenever I needed to come home. The university where I went to for college was almost an hour away from our house and it would take me two rides (make it 3 - including the tricycle from the gate of the subdivision) to get there. Although I was renting a bed space in a boarding house near the university, there were so many instances that I needed to come home in the middle of the week and my dad always got me covered. He's literally just a text away no matter where he was. He made it seems so easy to always be there to fetch me even when he's already so tired from his work and even when it's raining (the only vehicle we had at that time was a motorcycle which my dad used for work and for everything else)

You know what's even more amazing? His smile. Regardless of any situation, he always smiles. And his smile can make a whole world of difference. Whenever I was about to lose hope, he'd always have something nice to say to make me feel okay and hopeful again. He’s the best example of how to live by faith. We didn't have much growing up but we have a dad who completely trusts the best Father of all, that's why we never lack anything. 

To my dad who never failed to teach us, his kids, thru his own ways that life can only be awesome and complete when it is lived for the Father in heaven, I love you and Happy Father's Day. 

To my Father God in heaven, words are not enough to thank you for giving me a chance to be a daughter to a dad as cool as mine. Thank you for loving me immeasurably and incomparably.   

You’re such a good, good father. 
Happy Father's Day, Papa God!

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