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A lot happened in August. It may not seem so because I was not updating here often but really… a lot happened.

I rested just like what I mentioned in my to-do list. We weren’t able to book that SPA appointment I’ve been wanting to for so long, though, but I was able to have a somewhat decent rest. 


In the start of August, my hubby’s aunt, uncle and cousin visited us here in Singapore. Before consuming the days of their vacation here in Singapore, we treated them first to a 3D2N stay at Nirwana Resort Hotel and Indra Maya Pool Villa in Nirwana Gardens, Bintan Indonesia. After that, my hubby made sure to tour them in some of the most famous places here in Singapore.  Their stay here was quite short but we’re sure that it’s definitely worthwhile.

As far as my online presence is concerned, I managed to still upload five videos on my YouTube channel. Click on any of the videos below to watch!

I did take a break from blogging as I found it harder to write last month. I’m not sure yet what would the case be for this month but I’ll try not to be away for so long like last time. Keyword: try

I also got to catch up with my good friend Abby who is now pregnant and very blooming. I guess pregnancy is treating her oh so nicely. :) 

Remember I mentioned “a lot” happened? Well…

I’ve never really openly talked about this here but we’re trying to get pregnant this year. In fact we’ve been trying since we got married in 2011. So it’s been 6 years. Last month, we made a decision to go back to a fertility specialist and try again. We did undergo a few tests already in the past (on and off) but we always stopped at some point due to a lot of reasons (i.e. our schedules don’t meet, I was too stressed with work, he was too stressed at work, I got a case of depression, etc.) until fast forward, it’s already 2017 and we’re still not pregnant. 

Nothing is impossible with God. It’s an unchangeable truth. And we have faith that in His time, He will hand us the precious answer to our prayers of having a baby like He always does. We’ve gone back to a fertility specialist because we believe that we owe it to ourselves to really know what’s up with our bodies. Although some of the tests we’ve had in the past came back normal, the fact that we still don’t have a child right now says a lot. It could mean that we’re just too scared of what we would have found out had we gone further with all the necessary works/tests in the past. It could mean we’re not financially ready at that time. It could mean we’re still emotionally unstable. It could mean we have not done yet all that we could on our part. It could mean a lot of things. So when we finally made that appointment to see the doctor last month, showed up on our appointment and had all the initial tests done, I felt a different kind of victory. ‘Coz even though it’s still a long way to go, facing our fears of judgment and of the scary truth about what-could-really-be our situation is one step closer to becoming ready for the answer to our prayers.

I wish you all a victorious month of September and may we all never stop dreaming, praying for our dreams, fighting for what we believe in and believing that one day, all we ever hoped for will all come true!

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