THE BODY SHOP TEA TREE FLAWLESS BB CREAM (O1) – First Impression Demo & Review

9:00 AM

I tried The Body Shop Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream for the first time and decided, why not film a First Impression Review on it as well. 

According to The Body Shop’s website, this BB cream is intended to “perfect complexion and fight the look of blemishes.” I thought at first, “Great! Exactly what I need because I have acne-prone skin.” It even claims to give flawless coverage while tackling the appearance of blemishes. It also says on the website that its lightweight formula will give a shine-free complexion and that they offer 3 shades which blend seamlessly into all skin tones  for natural-looking coverage.

This 40ml BB cream packaged in a squeezey tube retails for S$29.90. Quite costly, I must say, but if it really does everything it claims it would, then I don’t mind paying 30 bucks. The thing is... IT DIDN'T.


-       I always seem to have a problem opening the tube. It has a very big mouth for squeezy tube so every time I will try to open it, there’s always like an explosion of cream.
-        I don’t like the consistency. It’s very runny/watery for my taste.
-     I strongly disagree with their claims about the coverage. It’s actually a major let down because the coverage is very sheer even with 3 layers (referring to when I applied it using a beauty blender)
-        It’s not buildable probably because of its consistency and its very sheer coverage.
-       The biggest downside is its LACK OF OIL-CONTROL POWER. In just 2 hours, my face is already oily when I actually have an oily-combo type. I normally only get oily on my T-zone area but with this BB cream I got an oily face in just 2 hours. This is even after using my trusty setting powder (Nichido Final Powder).
-     Good thing I got it on sale so I only paid S$10 for it but to be brutally honest, it’s NOT worth the money.
-       My experience with this BB cream could also be due to the fact that I got an old item since I got it on sale last year but I will never know because I don’t have plans of buying this product again.

Have you tried this same BB cream? How was your experience with it? Let me know thru the comment section below. I’m curious to know! 

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