Just a Quick SASA Haul!

10:05 PM

I'm back with another haul. It was one Sunday afternoon when my husband and I decided to see a movie (Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters). After the movie, I thought of dropping by SASA for a quick look and thought maybe there's something that I can get with my 20 bucks. I just really felt the urge to shop even though I'm flat broke, LOL.

Here's my quick haul video. Enjoy!

I used this right after I filmed this quick haul and I like it.  I love how it smells. It's a little bit greasy but since I only use it at night, it doesn't really bother me that much. It's 75ML for S$2.00 which in my opinion is really a good buy.
I also got this for only S$2.00 and it's 55ML. I've used it a few times already and I can say that it removes my eye makeup pretty well. It also doesn't hurt my eyes which is a big plus for me. I also like that its size is travel friendly so I can easily bring it with me. I'm still not sure though if I'm going to repurchase this. We'll see after a few more weeks of using it.

This, too costs S$2.00 only and it is 50ML. I love using this while I'm in the shower. It really foams up well and it is indeed milky. It also feels so nice on the skin while I'm using it on my face. There's a very big chance that I will repurchase this.

Another good product for only S$2.00. It contains 10 tissues inside and I have used a few of it already. It's not as moist as my SIMPLE makeup removing wipes but it does the job. It is in cucumber extract and I can feel that it's good on my skin. However, I'm not a fan of its very strong smell of cucumber. 

Dermal Sheet Masks!
These are the only items here that I haven't really used yet. I really want to take my time with sheet masks. I want to be in that "super relaxed" mood before I indulge myself in a calming sheet mask experience.

I've used these curlers once and I really liked how my curls turned out. Although I had to leave it on my hair overnight which is a little bit pain in the neck (literally) coz it made it difficult for me to get a decent sleep.

Here's a photo of my curled hair after using this stuff:
We are disappointed with this one. :( 

It didn't smell as sweet and nice as we expected. Oh well! That's the downside when you couldn't smell the product while at the store. *face palm*

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