Now I Know I Should...

10:24 PM

February, as we all know, is the month of love and I strongly believe that we're not just talking about romantic love here, but all kinds of love: love for our partners, love for our parents, love for our friends and of course love for our God.

When I was in my sophomore years in college, I had to go through such a difficult test in life that if it weren't for God's help I wouldn't know where I'd pick myself now. He's always been there for me. He stood by me all these years. He's my strength and my joy. He's lifted me up whenever I am down. He's healed me physically, emotionally and spiritually. There was never a time He abandoned me. And yet through all these, I still find myself unfaithful to Him at times. Despite all the marvelous things He has done for me, I still fail to make an exclusive time for Him in my every day life. But you know what? He remains faithful, thoughtful, understanding, caring, loving and forgiving. Truly, his love and mercy are immeasurable, incomparable and everlasting.

So here's a song I composed when I was a second year college student. It's a gospel song and I hope that you will all be blessed by it. Happy Month of Love to all of us! :)


What if believing is hard to do?
What if trusting is now something new?
Life has changed in one spin
And everything was ruined
Now tell me, were all these meant to be?

I should have believed in You
When You told me so
I should have trusted You
In times of fall
I should have given You
My life and all
Because You know oh Lord
I couldn't make it alone
And that I need You

What if doubts and fears have taken place?
What if anger and hatred made its way?
Is Your hand dear Lord still there for me to reach?
Especially when everything becomes hard to bear

You said it in Your Word
You'll never leave me alone
And one thing is for sure
You won't let me go
Because You love me so
And Your love is true
So now I put my trust unto You, my Lord

Now I know what I should have done
But anyway, it's not too late...

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  1. Lovely post , beautiful song.
    Aunt Mary


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