SEPHORA HAUL: Soap & Glory Bath and Body Products (Singapore)

5:39 PM

A few weekends ago, (February 2, to be exact) my husband and I were invited to our friend's house for a double birthday bash. The good friends that we are, (sorry for the self-flattery, can’t help it, LOL - just kidding mah!) we, of course, didn't want to go there empty-handed, so we agreed to stop by at Sephora to check out some cool birthday stuff for our two celebrants.

I started to look through the various shelves of different makeup palettes but my heart couldn't decide which to get from the large varieties available. I then moved towards the makeup brushes section and even though there’s these two sets that I think the birthday girl would like, I just didn't feel it would make her super happy. I mean, this is how I decide on what gifts to give to my friends: I put myself into the recipient's shoes. If I would not only be happy that I got a gift but also would love the gift that I got, then that should be THE gift! As simple as that!

In short, none of the numerous attractive and exciting makeup palettes and brushes appeared good enough to me to go ahead and label one of them as a “birthday gift”. So I continued roaming around until I reached the Soap & Glory section, where I stopped and immediately got enchanted by those lovely pink bottles and jars of goodness. While I was at that spot, I got carried away that I started checking and smelling each of the testers. I even caught myself looking to my left and right if there’s any hint of my husband coming and catching me having this short-lived romance with Soap & Glory products. It seriously was like having a secret love affair. LOL. Okay, maybe that was too much.

It was at that instance that my hubby caught up with me and he spotted this birthday box from Soap & Glory. It really looked so adorable and I instantly liked it. We agreed on getting it, when the saleslady offered this “SMOOTH OVER, DARLING” Gift Set also from Soap &Glory, which contains four full-sized bath and body products and one pink shower puff (and yes, it’s PINK!) for S$89. Wait, there’s more! They were having a 50% Off Sale, which conveniently made this super amazing gift set just half the price (of course, they get that! Not everyone sucks at Math like you do, Becca – duh!).

It’s an obvious love at first sight (or should I say, first smell?), so we just had to get it for our friend. It didn't end there though, hahaha. Since I've already been too engrossed with Soap & Glory products that day, not yet mentioning the awesome 50% off sale, I thought of trying my luck with my hubby… I… uhm… let's just say, I cajoled him for a treat (shy grin). 

I can, of course, buy this set with my own money, but since it’s already been decided beforehand that we’ll be using his credit card for our Sephora purchases that day, I cajoled him into getting that same set for ourselves, too. Well… I guess my charm that day was simply irresistible (victory grin). Nah! Truth is, I know he'd still buy it even without me asking 'coz he's really like that: a generous and loving man. 

So there you have it – the complete story behind the purchase of this super lovely and adorable gift set, which I will be doing a full-on review pretty soon.

Here's a video of my Soap & Glory Haul:

PHOTOS of each item mentioned in the video:
Clean Girls™ body wash
Scrub 'Em & Leave 'Em™ salt body buff
Scrub 'Em & Leave 'Em™ salt body buff
The Daily Smooth™ body butter
Mist You Madly™ body spray
Shower Puff

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