Valentine's Day Series Look #1 - The Purple Birthday Wish

10:11 PM

No doubt, February is the month that keeps most of us, girls on our toes in search of the most romantic gift ideas, cutest cards, most gorgeous and stunning makeup looks, yada yada yada! So, in connection to the celebration of the month of love, I’ve decided to start a series on my YouTube channel called, “Valentine’s Day Series”. Yey! Confetti! Wootwoot! How creative!?! (sarcastic tone) Okay, okay!  Yeah right. Let’s just move on and not talk about the title ever again. (shoulders dropped, face sad, hope gone…)
The "INNOCENT" Smile - rawr!
Alright! To set the mood of this blogpost, let’s get on with my makeup tutorial. The first look in this series is requested by one of my YouTube subscribers named Elena De Leon: She'll be celebrating her birthday on February 24th and so she wants a birthday inspired makeup tutorial. Don’t worry; it doesn't have to be your birthday to wear this look. I'd wear this if I'd go out on a date with my hubby, so it's really up to you!

Products used in order of appearance in the video:


Don't you just love this soft purple smokey look?

I love how it adds that shine and excitement into my eyes!

 More signs of narcissism! LOL! 
The "I'm a good girl" Smile

The "I have a stiffed-neck" Pose

I was checking my reflection at the viewfinder when I
accidentally hit the remote, and BAM! - "a PHOTO"

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