The Beauty Yearbook Tag

10:01 AM

Hello everyone! As you all know, I'm also a beauty junkie on YouTube and one of the videos I like to film is a TAG video where there will normally be a number of questions which I will be answering, of course and it's really just a fun video! 

Just this past Monday, I uploaded the "The Beauty Yearbook Tag" which is really just like a normal school yearbook where we, as students would be placed under certain categories, only it's a YouTube edition. So here's my video of it. I hope you'll all enjoy watching as much as I did filming it!

Here are the categories and my picks for each:

I was tagged by Kendall and Erica. Check out their videos here:

Kendall's video:
Erica's video:

The Beauty Year Book Tag Categories:
1. A Youtuber who inspired you to start your channel
missglamorazzi -

2. Most soothing voice
allthatglitters21 -

3. YouTuber that deserves more subscribers
EnhancedBeautyXo -
TheStyleAlert - 

4. Who makes you laugh?
nikkietutorials -
ilikeweylie -
kendallsplace -

5. Best hair
beautyklove -
passionandfashion -
sassysoapboxbeauty -
saytiocoartillero -

6. Bad for the wallet
missglamorazzi -

7. Most envied collection

8. Best thumbnails
missglamorazzi -

9. Most original
michellephan -

10. Cutest background
allthatglitters21 -

11. Best fashion or style
missglamorazzi -
clothesencounters -

12. Cutest pet
juicystar07 -

13. Who seems like she would be your best friend?
TheWickeRmoss -
missiemania -

14. Best editing
michellephan -
anavictorino -

15. Best newbie
makeupbykarlamisa -

If you'd like to do the blog edition of this, just leave the link to your blogpost in the comments below and I'll surely check it out! :)

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