GLAMABOX SINGAPORE: “Less Is More” Box (August 2013)

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As mentioned in my previous post, Glamabox sent me a package last week containing two of their boxes, the AUGUST 2013 Box and the “Less Is More” Box, one of their Special Boxes.

It was in the second week of this month when I was informed by email that they’ll be sending me these two boxes and I finally got the goodies last week. Had I not been too busy at that time, I could have posted my reviews of these two boxes sooner but I’m here now, so let’s waste no time and jump right into the amazing contents of this delightful surprise box.

They really spent a considerable amount of time, effort and passion into making this beauty box as it’s very evident from the packaging to its contents. I’m in love with just the packaging alone, what more if I see what’s inside.

This is my first time to open a beauty box totally packed with so many samples. In fact, when I was done taking photos of each item and put them all back inside the box, I had a hard time replacing the lid as it was really jam-packed.

Alright! In this post, I’ll show you all of the items inside this box, with their description and my initial reaction or thoughts. There won’t be any reviews of the products here yet as it might take me forever to finish just this one post. Expect to see reviews of some (or all of 'em if I end up liking everything) of the items here in the coming days. So, let’s begin with:

(UK) FAUST’S POTIONS® AWAKE and ASLEEP Recovery Pack 2 x 25ml    
Retail Price: S$13/2x25ml   
Faust's Potions are a unique blend of nutritional supplements, which is a natural remedy for hangovers, jet lag, lowness of spirits and general exhaustion. Enjoy life and maintain good health at the same time. (Directions: Dilute it with water or juice to drink.)
My Thoughts: When I first took it out of the box, I thought these are serums because I failed to read the word ‘Potions’. Yesterday, I was watching Harry Potter on HBO and thought of, “wouldn’t it be nice if there’s a potion for just about anything?” And now that I’m writing what I think about these samples; well, I think this is supah nice because just recently I’ve started working out, you know, to be healthier but then I still stay up late at night which makes me a bit groggy the next day when I wake up despite all the exercise I’ve been doing. With that said, I can’t wait to try this energy booster drink and see for myself if it really works.

(Taiwan) BeautyDay Hand Cream (Olive Oil) 35ml         
Retail Price: S$8/60ml         
Olive Oil Hand Cream Made from mild natural olive oil, it suits for all skin type, including baby. It moisturizes your hand immediately and keeps your hands silky smooth.
My Thoughts: Hand cream is one of my guilty pleasures and my standards are very simple: it has to be moisturizing and non-greasy but most importantly, it has to smell really good. I want my hands to feel soft and smell nice and girly, which is why I was taken aback a little when I saw this green tube with the words “Olive Oil” hand cream written on it. I was like, “when did olive oil smell good?”. I’m aware of the many uses and health benefits of olive oil but I haven’t heard anything about it smelling nice and girly. But lo and behold! I tried it and I can’t stop using it since. It smells like a newly bathe baby – my gosh!!! I so love it.

REN Mayblossom and Blue Cypress Facial Wash 15ml
Retail Price: S$53/150ml
A balancing, antibacterial facial cleansing gel with mayblossom and blue cypress essential oil that is prone to oiliness. It can purify problem skin and sooth minor irritations.
My Thoughts: You know what? It’s like the whole world now knows about my current skin condition. I mean who told Glamabox that I’m on the hunt for the right skincare product that can help me with my very troubled skin right now?!? Anyway, though I haven’t tried this, I like how it comes with a pump. It’s a clear gel sort of facial wash and once I’m done testing out the INNOXA Renew TripleAction Gel, also from Glamabox, I’ll start with this one.

(France) Kibio Gentle Cleansing Milk 10ml + Intense Intemporelle Cream 5ml
Retail Price: S$33/200ml + S$73/30ml
The natural and organic ingredients are filled with active energy which will bring you great sensorial pleasure.
My Thoughts: The first cleansing milk I’ve tried was from Make Up For Ever which I got when I attended their workshop in December last year. Now I’m not sure if I like how this cleansing milk and cream smell but they kinda remind me of those bathroom supplies in a hotel – not exactly my type. The only thing that really intrigues me about these two items is the fact they’re made with natural and organic ingredients which should be good for my skin.

(Korea) Monaco Argan Oil 10ml    
Retail Price: S$48/100ml     
100% naturally extracted by argan tree in Morocco, it recovers damaged hair and makes it shine with glow.
My Thoughts: If you’ve read my My Hair Story and Everyday NO Heat Hair Routine, you’d know that what I’m currently using as hair treatment is the Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment which I got from Bellabox. Now I’m really excited to test this out and see what their similarities and differences are.

(USA) Jorubi Aloe Vera Gel 10g    
Retail Price: S$19/120ml     
It contains more than 99% pure aloe, which is perfect for soothing and moisturizing the skin.
My Thoughts: I’ve always known that aloe vera is considered a “miracle plant” for it has tons of beauty, skincare and health benefits. So it comes as no surprise that this product claims to sooth and moisturize the skin and I bet it’ll do more than that. This is a nice little product to keep handy at all times.

France LA ROCHE-POSAY Toleriane Ultra Biocellulose Mask 1pc
Retail Price: S$58/4pcs
Composed of micro-fibers, the mask is close to skin’s own. It can immediately lower heated sensations and continuously decrease signs of sensitivity.
My Thoughts: I have nothing much to say about this for now. I’ve tried quite a few masks already but I haven’t written an in-depth review on any of them. On my pamper night, I’ll use this and will let y’all know what I think about it.

(France) LA ROCHE-POSAY UVidea XL BB Cream SPF50 / PPD 18 3ml
Retail Price: S$45/30ml
The enhanced anti-UVA filtration can give the skin well protection against UVA rays.
My Thoughts: As a beauty enthusiast, I always get excited whenever I receive a makeup product and of all my cosmetic shopping, my biggest splurge is always on foundation and/or BB creams. When I saw that it has 50SPF, it WOWed me. With this, there’s no need for me to use an extra sunscreen before applying it. I wanted to swatch it for you but it only contains 3ml of product inside and when I tried to squeeze, it’s like there’s no more product left inside the tube, which was kinda weird. 

I was able to get a tiny amount of product out and blended it to my skin (sorry I forgot to take a photo before blending it). I initially thought that the shade is too light for my skin tone but it blended nicely. It’s not as creamy as I wanted it to be though.

(France) LA ROCHE-POSAY Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser 15ml
Retail Price: S$35/200ml
The anti-allergy formulate will make the skin soothed and comfortable
My Thoughts: It says in the bottle that it does not only cleanse but also removes makeup, and I think it’s really cool especially now that I’m about to run out of my Silky Girl makeup remover.

(USA) Astatra Activated Antioxidant Infusion 5ml
Retail Price: S$143/38ml
Featuring time-released delivery over five hours as well as powerful antioxidants such as Green Tea, Borage Seed Oil, and Vitamins C and E, this emulsion is a favorite amongst Hollywood stars.
My Thoughts: This is pretty interesting! All these powerful antioxidants packed in this cream are making me want to dive in and experience its goodness right away but I’ve to stop myself for now as the line of products I have to try, test and review is too long already. I have to wait for at least 2 weeks before trying this out.

(USA) Astatra Botanical Eye Treatment 5ml
Retail Price: S$125/30ML
Created to rejuvenate, protect, and nourish the delicate eye area, this emulsion refreshes, hydrates, soothes, and reduces fine lines and puffiness through unique bioactive blend.
My Thoughts: This comes at a very favorable timing! I’ve finished up my Origins eye cream sample and though I really like it, I have just splurged on some Origins full sized products a few weeks ago and I’m trying to limit my expenses for this month at least, which is why I really appreciate receiving another eye cream sample. I’m excited to start using this because (1) it really intrigued me why the full size is very pricey and (2) I’m enticed by the description of the product. Hopefully it’ll do wonders to my under-eyes.

Less Is More Box is totally worth your S$22 (if you’re already a subscriber) or S$30 (if you’re just about to sign up). The real value of this box is S$114 and they didn’t just put in a “whatever type of samples” inside your loot, instead they put together a variety of all natural and healthy beauty products from trusted skincare brands worldwide to show all glama-girls that Glamabox truly cares about the beauty and health of our skin.

If you’re already subscribed to Glamabox, order your Less Is More Box now as its quantity is limited. If you’re new to Glamabox, here’s how to sign up:

Disclaimer: I was sent these boxes for free but I don’t get paid to review them nor have obligations to give positive feedback.  All my opinions in this article are based on my personal experience and honest judgment of the product/s tested and reviewed.

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