My Weekly Life Summary Vol. 3

1:21 AM

Hey guys!

How was your week? I had loads of fun this past week and here’s why:

On Monday, 19th August, my hubby and I went biking! We sort of planned to do it the past weekend but ended doing it on a Monday, which was actually really good because it’s like we have the whole ECP (East Coast Park) all to ourselves. 

On our way to the place, I was filled with mixed emotions. 

I was excited but scared at the same time because it’s been over a decade since I last rode a bike and I wasn’t sure if I still know how to do it. I guess it’s really true that once you learned how to ride a bike, you’ll never forget how.

On Tuesday, 20th August, these two amazing boxes from Glamabox kept me busy. I spent hours taking photos, seeing if they’re good, erasing them if it didn’t pass my rather absurd standards, taking more photos and finally transferring all the files to my laptop for photo processing which I didn’t have the time to do on that same day due to other stuff that I had to do.

Video editing was the main activity of my Wednesday, 21th August. I finally had the time to edit my night routine video, so if you haven’t seen it, you can watch it on my youtube channel or by simply clicking here.

We didn’t make any plans of going out on my hubby’s off last Thursday, 22nd August, we just stayed home and enjoyed each other’s company. I took care of the laundry while making us French toast for our breakfast.

The following day, Friday, 23rd August, we decided to take a long walk as our exercise, but we ate a light breakfast first. I just deep fried some potato wedges, microwaved some cheese flavored pizza and prepped some fruits. 

We walked for two hours and it was really hot that day, good thing I wore sunscreen or else my tan from Monday-biking would have gone worse. We’ll probably start jogging next time.


Yesterday? I didn’t do much yesterday. My hubby left for work a little past 7am and arrived home nearly 10pm. I wasn’t feeling that well the whole day, so I just wrote down all my ideas for new videos, and outlined my new product reviews for the coming week. I also took some photos for another product review but I can’t show it just yet.

Today, my hubby had to go to work again, and as soon as he left, I headed to the kitchen and prep me some buttered shrimp for breakfast.

I played with my makeup today and see what look I could come up with in preparation for my next video. I also took some more photos of products for reviews and did a lot of researching, planning and a whole bunch of different scheduling today. And that’s it!

What’s the most exciting part of your week? :)

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