Summary of My Past Two Weeks

4:04 PM

Hello everyone! I feel like blogging today but I’m not yet in the mood to write a product review. Instead, I’ll bring you with me as I look back at my past two weeks.

Here, I’m testing out one of Origins’ 10 minute masks. I liked it. It has this minty smell and it’s really soothing. I’m planning to write an exclusive review about it.

Have I told you already that after my birthday, I’ve decided to start living a healthy life? Well, I got inspired by Elle Fowler’s blog where she said that it only takes 21 days to make or break a habit. I’m a coffeeholic and I don’t eat healthy food but since I read Elle’s blog, I’ve been inspired to change. I’ve started with giving up coffee. I’m past the 21 days mark already so I can say that I’ve succeeded. Instead of drinking hot coffee in the morning, I substituted it with hot chocolate or hot milk tea. I was never a tea drinker but I really want to change – I want to take care of myself (my body) the right way.

I’ve also started eating fruits. If before, my hubby had to push me so hard to eat fruits, now I’m the one dragging him to buy fruits. Lately, I’ve been obssessed with kiwi and grapes. I also tried strawberries but sadly the batch we purchased didn’t taste great so I’m stuck with kiwi and grapes for now. Next on my list: vegetable salad. Yay!

Random Insert: Nougat - My hubby’s fave!

These past few days, I had to finish a few articles and so I had to start brainstorming and writing as early in the morning as possible – which is why in this photo, I had a breakfast meal from Mcdonalds because I needed a heavy breakfast that day to energize me and to keep me awake.

These are photos taken while and after shooting my latest video on YouTube (How To Look Mature with Makeup). If you haven’t watched it yet, I hope you’d check it now. I really had fun filming and editing it.


On a non-working day, my hubby and I would either eat homemade pancakes and French toast or would simply go to Mcdonalds for a hearty morning meal.

I so love him. He always keeps my tummy full. Hahaha.
Same thing for dinner; he’d always bring me outside to eat when it’s his day off and our favorite place to eat is...

This is really my fave food place. I just can't get enough their chicken pepper rice or their curry chicken pepper rice with cheese. Yum!!!

I took the liberty of taking photos while waiting for our food. 


Just a few days ago, one of our housemates celebrated her birthday and shared with us some of their party food. Man! We’re so full after we finished this.

And I guess that’s all about it! How was your past week? Share with me all the fun stuff you did over the past days or weeks ‘coz I’d love to know. ^_^

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