My Weekly Life Summary Vol. 2

9:41 PM

Hi everyone!

I had a great time writing my first weekly life summary here and thought of making it a weekly or biweekly tradition which is why I’m here for Volume 2. So, let’s jump and see what I’ve been up to this past week.

If there’s one thing my hubby and I really like to do whenever he’s on his day off, that's none other that treat ourselves to a movie date. 

On 13th August, Tuesday we decided to watch R.I.P.D. Good thing it was still showing that day – well, actually it’s the last day so it was like “whew!”.

The earliest time slot left for us was at 9:25PM, haha, so we had no choice but to do other stuff just to kill time. We decided to have dinner first at Tapa King, a Filipino fastfood restaurant at Tampiness Mall.

After our sumptuous meal, we still had ample of time to roam around so we did exactly that. When we got bored inside the mall, we opted to go outside to breath in some fresh air but I bought this coffee flavored vanilla sundae cone from McDonald’s first and man! It tastes delicious!

We sat on one of the benches outside Tampi Mall and waited for the clock to hit 9PM so we can go back inside just in time to queue for some nachos before the movie starts.

The movie was… nice. It’s fun but not that great in my opinion. 'Nuff said.

On 14th August, Wednesday, it’s almost lunchtime when we got out of bed, it was a lazy day, LOL. So instead of heading to the kitchen to cook for breakfast, we went to McDonalds to have our brunch.

On that same day, I got a package from WishTrend. It’s the IOPE Cushion Foundation. They invited me to try it and give them my honest feedback.

So the following days (15-17th August), I tried and tested this product to assess its coverage, texture and longevity all throughout the day.

I also got my August Bellabox this week but I can’t remember the exact date I got it. I already did an unboxing post here.

I also put two of the the items I got from Bellabox to the test (a skincare product) which I’ll be writing a review on next week.

Yesterday, 17th August, it’s the normal chores day. I did the laundry first, we ate at McDonald’s for lunch and bought our groceries afterwards.

Today is another lazy day for us. I got up pretty late this morning coz I didn’t have a good sleep. My hubby just played DOTA while I played the guitar all morning until he said he wanted to order food delivery so I went online to order this at PIZZA HUT.

We just watched a movie on TV while eating and that’s pretty much it. We just talked and laughed all day long.  

How was your week? Did you do anything exciting? =)

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