DEMO & REVIEW: Etude House CC Cream (#01 Silky)

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Hi everyone! Today I’ll be reviewing Etude House CC Cream in the variant #01 Silky. If you have read my Korea Beauty/Makeup Haul, you’d know that I got this product in Korea when we went there in September. If you’re wondering where my blog posts about our Korea Trip are, heehee, sorry for the delay, but those will be up soon. How soon is my soon? Errr… Change topic? (*red face, shy grin*)

Anyway, I filmed a first impression video on this product where I did a demo on how I applied it and brought it to a road test to see how it will hold up and you know, all that jazz. If you wanna see it, here you go!

PRODUCT: Etude House CC Cream (#01 Silky)

PRICE: 14000 WON / USD $12.00 -15.00 / 798PHP

STORE: Here are some of the online stores I found:

It claims to hydrate, prime, conceal, treat and protect skin at an easy single step for a healthier complexion inside and outside. It glides on easily with a silky smooth finish.  
It’s an 8 in 1 multi-function SPF 30/PA++ that promises to give:Anti-aging benefits | Stress Relief | Hydration | Whitening | Sun Protection | Tone-Up | Smooth | Texture | Luminosity
OVERALL RATING: 3 / 5 hearts


This is my first time to ever try a CC cream and though I was pretty disappointed with the coverage, I don’t really hate it. I feel like I just expected too much from it that’s why I got frustrated. I expected the same kind of results which other BB creams or other liquid foundations can deliver without bearing in mind that CC creams are probably formulated for a different purpose and simply work differently. They’re like a supplementary product to a skincare routine.

Alright! Before going miles and miles long with this post, let’s get down with some of the basics first like “what is a CC Cream” or “what CC stands for?” Well, CC in CC Cream, according to Wikipedia, stands for “color control” or “color correcting” and in Etude House, CC stands for “correct and care”. Now that I’ve laid that down, for me, it sounds like CC creams focus more on working with our skin complexion instead of covering or concealing what we feel are needed to be hidden from the naked eye. It sounds more like a makeup base or a face primer. By the way, this one from Etude House starts off white and adjusts to your skin tone as you blend it away. 

With that said, here are the list of PROS and CONS based on my observations while road-testing the product.

1.   What the product claims is true! It is indeed very easy to apply. It feels good on my skin. Very lightweight and it doesn’t irritate my very sensitive skin.

2.   It brightens up my skin and I like that!

3.   I love the silky-matte finish that it gives my face. It is wonderful!

4. The design of the packaging is very user friendly. The pump seriously makes everything so much easier. It’s also sleek and very convenient to carry with you when you travel. 

 There’s just one important thing to note: the color of the packaging. Why? Well, it’s white and it has the tendency to be messy especially when you put it inside your makeup bag together with other makeup products. I’m speaking from experience. I brought it with me to Bali when my hubby and I went there in October because I planned to film my first impression video there but was not able to do so. I didn’t bring the box it came with, instead I put it inside my makeup bag and when I checked it, it got a little bit messy. So yeah. Haha.

5. The lasting power of this product is remarkable. In the video above, I had it on for over 5 hours without using a primer beforehand and without setting it with powder but it astonishingly lasted that long. Yes, I did get a little bit shiny but it was not like what I expected. I was thinking it will be an oily mess, but nope! So what more if I used a primer beneath it and set it with a powder or a setting spray!

6. There’s a slight perfume-ish scent to it but my nose doesn’t seem to care that much, so all is well.

1.   The coverage is a major let down. I say “major” because even though I was not supposed to expect great coverage from a CC cream, this one from Etude House claims to “conceal” but it obviously did not. If you watched my video above, you’ll see that even after applying the second layer, the coverage was still very sheer. It’s just highly unacceptable.

2.   Sadly, it accentuated the dry patches around my nose and chin area as well as some of my acne scars. Instead of concealing those blemishes, it even amplified them more. Argh! It’s really terrible.

My Recent Discovery!
I used this again last week combined with my Urban Decay Naked Foundation and wow! It seems to work better when combined with another foundation/bb cream. It also sort of helps the foundation to last longer than it normally would on its own. Although I cannot count on it when it comes to coverage, it seems like I can rely on it as a great face primer.

Will I finish this up?
Yes! I’m probably just gonna use it as a primer though until I finish it up. It will also function as a good sunblock for my face. Hmmm… Not bad.

Will I repurchase it?
I don’t think so, because even though it works as a great primer, it’s still a CC cream not a primer. You know what I mean? I mean I’d rather purchase a full coverage foundation or bb cream than buy something that claims to conceal when in truth it only acts as good as a primer. If you still don’t get me, just… just never mind. Hahaha.

Do I recommend this?
Like I said in the video, it’s a YES and NO. Yes, if you only suffer from dullness or maybe uneven skin tone. And NO, if you’re like me who suffers from several skin issues (argh!) like acne scars, dry patches and a little breakout here & there; and obviously need some decent coverage.


Readers, have you tried this CC Cream? Did you like it? Are there any other CC Creams that you would like to recommend? Leave them in the comments! :)

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  1. Looks like a great product :) Have a great week doll xx

    The Dainty Dolls House

  2. I've tried this too. With this product, I can really decide whether I like it or not. I've tried combining it with EH cotton fit BB cream and TBH, I prefer wearing this product alone. Which means I can only wear it at home when I don't need to cover up the imperfections on my face. When being worn alone, I love it. Very easy to apply and evens out my complexion. It does get quite oily after some time which I don't like. And when combined with the BB cream, initially it works wonder like applying a base, but after 3 hours or so, my face just get double oily and I get minor breakouts, and bear in mind I live in a country with 4 seasons and I tried wearing this CC & BB in combination during the cold autumn weather. So now I ended up just wearing a moisturiser and BB cream and that works fine (my face still gets oily after 5 hours or so).

    1. sorry typo: *cant really decide =___________="

    2. Whoa, seems like it's the opposite on my case. I find its long lasting power awesome. It's really amazing how one product can work differently on so many different skin types. I haven't tried the EH BB cream. I might try that when I run out of bb creams, hehe. <3

  3. like you, we suffer from several skin issues, so sadly this doesn't sound like the right product for us!! thank you for the detailed and very helpful review!

    1. Hey! Thanks for dropping by and for leaving me a comment. <3

  4. awesome post
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