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For someone who can draw and paint but can’t (for the life of her) varnish her nails beautifully let alone decently, finding the right nail polish is of the highest importance. Sadly, that someone is me. Yeah! How ironic, right? I draw. And I paint but I can’t seem to translate it to painting my nails. Sigh. Would you believe me that I always spend hours (sometimes even half a day… *shrug*) painting my nails? Every time I’d move to the other hand, something terrible would happen to my first set of freshly painted nails and I’d have no choice but to fix ‘em. Then for some impalpable reason I’d accidentally repeat messing that same set of nails before I could even finish my other hand. Please don’t ask me why my life is like that coz I REALLY HAVE NO IDEA. I’m innocent.

When I first got my hands on a JB nail polish back in November last year, that’s when I realized that hope is not yet totally lost for my case, haha. I, for the first time, was able to finish painting my nails in just one hour. You may say, “What?! One hour? Seriously?!” Hey! Don’t judge me. Truth be told, that’s the fastest I’ve ever painted my nails. You should, in fact, be congratulating me. Hmp! And so I thought I should buy more JB nail polishes because inasmuch as I would like to get the credit for that victory, it’s really the nail polish that’s responsible for that achievement. But like usual, I haven’t really gotten around to purchasing a new nail polish since that post so my nails remained unvarnished for quite a long time.

Last month, I attended Jacqueline Burchell Spring Collection Launch and after enjoying the event and having a good time there, JB asked me if I would like to try one of their collections. I was like, “What?! Are you kidding me? That isn’t even a question!”

And here we are today! I’m sorry for the long intro. *W-wait! What? You mean, we’re not even half-way through* RELAX <insert naughty grin here..hehe>. There’ll be a GIVEAWAY at the end of this long post so your time won’t be wasted, I promise. #YAY

Today, I present to you the “I AM PERANAKAN” nail kit from Jacqueline Burchell.

Could we all just take a moment and adore the packaging? The artwork is really eye-catching and I tell you, this tin-can-box-type packaging is a total space-saver. 'Really lovin' it! <3

I love that I can use it to store these lacquers this way...

Or this way! =)

Alright! Let's discuss the contents. Inside I have 6 mini nail lacquers (size: 5ml - 0.17oz). I got 4 Peranakan inspired nail polishes, 1 top coat and 1 base coat. Peranakan is a term used to refer “descendant”—click HERE for a more elaborate explanation, because if you’ll ask me, when I saw the term “Peranakan-Inspired”, I automatically think of the Peranakan Museum here in Singapore.

Moving on, here are the four Peranakan-inspired nail lacquers:

And because these are "mini" nail polishes, the brush is, of course, shorter than usual which you might find not easy to work with but I actually liked it. I don't have a spacious nail bed to paint on so the small brush seemed to work perfectly for me, haha. Want some proof? 

They’re all obviously pretty and absolutely stunning! I like how creamy and opaque each of these nail lacquers are. In fact, I almost didn’t need a second coat for the pink one (see photo below), but I still went for two coats just because it's my first time to use it. 

With these lacquers, I was able to paint my nails in less than an hour which is unbelievable if you know my pedicure skills. Really! Told yah, it’s the nail polish working the miracle! And you know what? It seems that glitter polish is my thing, harhar. 

I’ve tried all these colors for two weeks and out of these 4 (four) lacquers, my favorite is MY LOVELY BAJU because it’s just... it's drop-dead gorgeous! It's classy and girly and super pretty overall. Don’t you think so, too? C'mon! Look at these photos below:

If you’re a nail polish lover, you’ll instantly fall in love with this set. So! On to the GIVEAWAY now!

If you’d like to win your very own I Am Peranakan Nail Kit, all you have to do is to enter this giveaway through the rafflecopter below. In case you don't win and you're really so inclined, a set costs S$48 and there are a total of three to choose from. For more information, just click HERE or go to Jacqueline Burchell's website:

I’m afraid this giveaway is only OPEN TO SINGAPORE RESIDENTS.  I hope you understand. I really appreciate all your support and I look forward to hosting an international giveaway, too, real soon! 


Thanks for reading this post and good luck to everyone who’ll join!

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  1. Thanks for hosting this giveaway! Love to try them out! I am still using cheap nail polish from sasa HAHA so would love to try out better ones then maybe see whether I should invest in them (:

    1. Hi! Thanks for joining the giveaway. Please check your email. :)

    2. Hi! I've been trying to reach out to you about your prize. Please know that if you fail to respond to my email in 48 hours (from the time I sent you the email yesterday), I will have to randomly pick a new winner. Thanks!


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